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Quando a Europa ignora o seu legado cristão

Pieter Brueghel the Elder (1526/1530–1569)

Extraído de: The Soul of the East
"Nevertheless, the danger of totalitarianism (in one of its many forms) is very real. Witness the case of two British Christian women who appealed to the European Union after being fired from their jobs for failing to remove their crosses. They were to discover that their right to wear crosses was not guaranteed by European human rights law. Here one can see that Christianity in Europe is not to have primacy nor much protection. In fact, the European Union’s precedence to legally downgrade Christianity is, in principle, similar to the Bosheviks’ anti-Christian attitude (only in a softer and more subtle, i.e ‘normative’ form). Only time will tell how those who still keep some Christian Symbols will be open to attack. As of now, they only face manifold forms of harassment, a loss of political involvement and/or a pressure to keep silent. (...)
 This form of persecution is not surprising, as Europe’s Christian identity and Christian values (when not co-opted) are not conducive toward the building of regional nor world governance. Christ in Orthodox Christianity is to be the only ultimate Ruler and not some pinnacle of a regional or world system of governance, nor is He a statesman/dictator/emperor who could potentially be enthroned under such a system. In our post-Christian times however, “secularists, and even more so, laicists” continue to ´´dominate the arena of European politics.´" 

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 por, Alejandro Sandoval

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